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Canyon Country Cabs


Canyon Country Cabs, LLC was incorporated on May 6, 2013. Jim and Tammy opened their doors on December 6, 2014 in Tioga County. We decided to open a transportation business because of the community needs were assessed by one of the owners: Tammy. Tammy has worked in the Public Sector for thirty years and was always concerned, by the lack of transportation that clients had getting to and from appointments as well, as work, medical appointments etc. The public Bus System was a wonderful attribute to Tioga County as a whole, but not everyone can benefit from this service, so a Taxi business was a great attribute to the transportation dynamics system of Tioga County. Jim and Tammy have been in Tioga County all their life and God has been good to us with five children and three grandchildren.

Jim, the other owner is from the Private Sector with a Business and computer degree and has worked for a multi-million dollar company for many years. Jim works on large computer systems, and has been a great attribute to Canyon Country Cabs technologic division, that is used in many aspects of the business. Jim agree that an on-demand transportation business was need to serve the communities that could not benefit from the other transportation methods. This created a more streamlined transportation within Tioga County as a whole.

Canyon Country Cabs is a family owned business who is regulated by Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission and Federal Department of Transportation. We strive to provide the best customer friendly service, safety to all our passengers and reliability into picking you up and getting you to where you need to go in a timely matter. Our drivers are checked for criminal backgrounds, child abuse clearances and clean driving records free from any violations. We are also a drug/alcohol free workplace that strives to randomize testing to ensure that our drivers are the best they can be. Canyon Country Cabs has 4 Vehicles at the present time, with additional vehicles being added in the future. We currently have four licenses which allows us to utilize Airport Rides, Taxi, Para-Transist which consists of discounted Rides in a 12 hour advanced reservations. We also have a Cargo License which allows us to deliver groceries, food, etc to your door. This does not include tobacco, alcohol, narcotis, drugs, etc. We strive to provide safe, reliable, dependable and on-demand transportation to all our customers through Tioga County. More services to come.